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Ear Mite FAQs

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Ear Care
With this helpful ear care guide, you will learn easy steps to keeping your dog's ears clean and odor free, and how to combat ear mites.
Ear Care Comparison Chart
Keeping your dog's ears healthy goes a long way in ensuring his comfort and quality of life. The following chart offers a handy guide to help you select the exact ear care supplies you need to quickly, easily care for your dog's ears.

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Cleaning Your Dog's Ears
Cleansing your pet's ears should be a weekly ritual from a very young age. Cleaning ears and allowing adequate air circulation is especially important for dogs with long or floppy ears.
Common Ear Infections (and Causes) in Dogs
Learn which infections most commonly affect dogs’ ears and what you can do to prevent them.
Ear Mites: Transmission & Treatment
One hallmark of ear mite infestation is an abundant dark brown or black, waxy discharge. Also, ear mites cause intense itching which leads to constant shaking of the head and/or scratching at ears.
Ear Odor: A Sign of Infection
You've noticed your dog is scratching his ears vigorously, as well as shaking his head frequently. You've examined the ear, and can't see any evidence of dirt, but you do detect a foul odor. This is a tell-tale symptom of an ear infection.
Ear Pain in Dogs Could be Aural Hematoma
Chronic ear infections and pain in your dog’s ears could indicate aural hematoma. Learn symptoms and treatment.
Otoscope: How and Why it's used
A dog's L-shaped ear canal makes it difficult to examine. An otoscope is the perfect tool for your veterinarian to use to detect ear problems early.

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Ear Infection Checklist

Ear Anatomy & Hearing Development
Ear Care & Disease - Otitis Externa
Ear Hematomas
Middle & Inner Ear Infections
Dog Ear Care
Cleaning Your Dog's Ears
Ear Odor: A Sign of Infection
Ear Mite FAQs
Dog Ear Care
Common Ear Infections (and Causes) in Dogs
Ear Pain in Dogs Could be Aural Hematoma

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Ear Care
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