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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Open expanded article descriptions
Drs. Foster and Smith Joint Care Products FAQs
FAQs: Dog Hip and Joint Supplements

PRODUCT COMPARISONS Close expanded article descriptions
Arthritis Physical Aid Selection Guide
Does your dog have a hard time getting around? Is he hopping on his back legs, struggling to climb steps, or get into cars? Physical aids like ramps, harnesses, or orthopedic beds can help.
Dog Ramp Selection Guide
Give your dog a lift. Ramps and steps can make life easier for older pets and dogs with joint discomfort. Use this helpful comparison chart to help you choose products for your dog.
Elevated Feeders Overview
Use elevated feeders to aid digestion and ease neck strain – find out how in our Drs Overview.
Joint Supplement Comparison Chart
Find out which joint supplement works best for your dog. Use this handy selection guide to help you determine the best supplement for his condition.
Ramps & Stairs Comparison Chart
A dog ramp or pet stairs can benefit older pets and dogs with joint discomfort. This helpful comparison chart can help you choose the best dog ramp or stair-steps for your pet.

GENERAL INFORMATION Open expanded article descriptions
Arthritis: Definition, Signs, and Treatments
Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU) for Joint Health
Benefits of Canine Buffered Aspirin for Mild Arthritis
Causes of Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia and Other Joint Diseases
Comforting Senior Pets
Dog Arthritis: Multi-Pronged Approach to Dog Comfort
Dog Ramps: How They Help
Exercise and Older Pets
Get ready for cool weather joint care
Give Your Older or Ailing Pet a Lift
Glucosamine & Chondrotin: How they Work Together
Hip Dysplasia in Dogs
Intervertebral Disk (Ruptured Disk) Disease
Introducing quellin™ (Carprofen) Soft Chews from Bayer
Joint Support: Defining the Essential Ingredients
Pharmacy Spotlight: Rimadyl®
Prescription Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory
Drugs (NSAIDs) for dogs
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Causes and Signs
Signs of Osteochondritis Dissencans
Weight Management is Critical to a Dog’s Health

HEALTHCARE CHECKLISTS Close expanded article descriptions
Arthritis Symptoms Checklist
Bring this handy checklist to your next veterinarian appointment. Offers an easy visual checklist of your dog’s specific arthritis symptoms.

Hip Dysplasia: Diagnosis - Treatment – Prevention
Intervertebral Disc Disease
Legg-Perthes Disease (Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head)
Lumbosacral Stenosis (Cauda Equina Syndrome)
Luxating Patella
Normal Joint Anatomy
Osteochondritis Dissecans
Osteochondritis of the Elbow (Elbow Dysplasia)
Rheumatoid Arthritis (Immune-mediated Disease)
Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Ununited Anconeal Process
Arthritis Care for Dogs
Dog Arthritis: Multi-Pronged Approach to Dog Comfort
Joint Supplement Comparison Chart
FAQs: Dog Hip and Joint Supplements
Arthritis Care for Dogs
Get ready for cool weather joint care
Introducing quellin™ (Carprofen) Soft Chews from Bayer

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