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Bird Cage Buyer's Guide: Features, Styles, and Sizes
Looking for the perfect bird cage? With so many bird cages and aviaries to choose from, key factors and features should be considered in order to get the most for your money and the best possible bird cage for your bird.
Bird Cage Selection Guide
The most important item needed before your feathered friend is brought home is a cage. Remember, even birds that come out of the cage to socialize spend a large part of the day in their cage.
Cage Bar Spacing Guide
How to find the right bird cage bar spacing for your Finch, Canary, Parrotlet, Parakeet, Lovebird, Cockatiel, Conure, Lory, Senegal, African Grey, Amazon, Macaw, Cockatoo.
Cage Size Guide
Remember, bigger is always better when selecting a cage – as long as bar spacing is narrow enough to prevent injury and/or escape. For example, if you believe your Conure is not quite "large", but bigger than "medium", select the more spacious cage.

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Flight Cages Soar in Popularity
How to Accessorize Your Bird's Cage
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How to Make Your Bird's Cage a Comforting Home
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Nesting Materials Essential in Breeding Season
Our Favorite Aviaries
Small Bird Housing: Avoid Tiny Cages
Stainless Steel Bird Cages Gain Popularity
Tips for a Stress-Free Avian Environment for Birds
Top 5 Reasons to Select Your Bird Cage From Us
Understanding Your Bird's Body Language
Which Cage Style is Right for Your Bird?
Why choose a bird cage from Drs. Foster and Smith

Airline Travel with Your Bird
Bird Cages, Perches, Dishes & Other Cage Accessories
Cleaning Your Bird's Cage
Cost of Owning a Bird
Household Hazards for Birds: Bird Proofing Your Home
Congo African Grey
Cage Bar Spacing Guide
Cage Size Guide
Stainless Steel Bird Cages Gain Popularity
Yellow Naped-Amazon
How to Make Your Bird's Cage a Comforting Home
Cage Bar Spacing Guide

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