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GENERAL INFORMATION Open expanded article descriptions
10 Common Birds to Look For
Attract Hummingbirds with a Nectar Feeder
Bird Watching Terms
Different Feeders, Different Birds
Suet Feeding is Easy and Mess Free
Ways to Start Watching Birds
Winter Tips for Creative Bird Feeding
You Can Help Fill Feeders!

BIRD BODY PARTS Close expanded article descriptions
About the Contour Feather
Take a closer look at the parts of a wild bird contour feather.
Bird Anatomy 101
Look at wild bird parts closely, paying attention to their size, shape, and color. Then consult your field guide for identification.

CRAFTS & ACTIVITIES Open expanded article descriptions
Make a Pine Cone Feeder!
Make a String Birdfeeder

QUIZZES, GAMES & FUN Open expanded article descriptions
Backyard Kids Coloring Pages
Backyard Kids Crossword Puzzle
Bird Identification Quiz 1
Bird Identification Quiz 2
Bird Species Word Scramble
Bird Word Find #1
Bird Word Find #2
Bird Word Scramble
Which Bird Doesn't Belong?

WILD BIRD PROFILES Open expanded article descriptions
Baltimore Oriole Profile
Black-capped Chickadee Profile
Blue Jay Profile
Cedar Waxwing Profile
Eastern Bluebird Profile
Gray Jay Profile
House Finch Profile
House Wren Profile
Hummingbird Profile
Red-breasted Nuthatch Profile
Steller's Jay Profile

Backyard Kids: Most Searched
About the Contour Feather
Winter Tips for Creative Bird Feeding
Bird Anatomy 101
Backyard Kids: New Article
Make a String Birdfeeder
Which Bird Doesn't Belong?

In-depth look at the
Common Redpoll

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