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7 Essential Foods to Feed Wild Birds in the Winter Months
Since food is less abundant, available food must provide maximum nutrition. Help birds endure winter by offering a variety of supremely nutritious – and tasty – foods.
All About Suet
Suet provides energy all year long. In fall, suet helps wild birds store fat to prepare for migration or the coming winter. In winter, suet replenishes depleted stores of energy and nutrients, helping overwintering birds survive the long, cold months
Attract Birds with the Right Feeders
Whether the species of birds you desire are native to your area, or migrating through, you can increase your chances of attracting them for a short or extended stay by providing the right feed, in the right feeder, installed in the right place.
Bird Feeders: Why Hang More Than One?
When it comes to feeders, one size does not fit all. Find out what kind of birds visit various feeders.
Bird Feeding 101
Feed wisely. Follow these bird-feeding tips to help keep your wild bird population well fed and disease-free.
Bird Feeding Tips for All Seasons
Keep your bird feeders stocked throughout the entire year, and your backyard is sure to be filled with a variety of wild birds.
Bird Feeding Tips: Expert Advice
These are a few helpful tips and hints to help you enjoy feeding wild birds even more.
Bird Feeding Tips: Fruit Attracts Variety
Attract a variety of less common wild birds to your backyard feeders by offering fruit!
Bird Feeding: 4 Common Problems/Solutions
Feeding problems can often arise at your bird feeders. Here are several solutions to the most common bird feeding problems.
Bird Seed Mixes: About Our Brand
The amount and variety of birds at your feeder is greatly dependent upon the food you place inside your feeders.
Bird Seed: Don't Run Out
Birds will find other seed feeders if yours are empty for just one day. Ensure that doesn't happen with our Auto Delivery automatic seed delivery program.
Bluebirds, How to Attract
If you live near bluebirds, and wish to have them nest in your yard, there are some things you should know about their food and housing needs
Bring In a Variety With Black Oil Sunflower Seed
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, known as "oilers" by some, are by far the most popular seed to attract the widest variety of songbirds to your yard. Their easy-open shell and high-fat content wins out over most other seed.
Drs. Foster & Smith Wild Bird Seed Chart
Find out how many quarts our specific seeds and seed blends contain to ensure you have enough to fill your feeder.
Fall Feeding Tips
Keep feeders filled with high-quality bird food in early fall - it is key to attracting wild birds as the weather cools.
Feeder Favorites for Wintering Birds
Listed are some of the more common wild bird species that winter over, along with quick facts and their feeder-favorite foods.
Foods That Keep Birds Coming in Spring and Summer
Learn which foods are the favorite of wild birds during spring and summer months, when feeder activity is at its peak.
Give Squirrels Their Own Feeder
Maintain backyard harmony and prevent costly damage to bird feeders by providing squirrels a feeder of their own, one designed to challenge them but at the same time resist damage. Here's what to look for.
Hummingbird Feeders: Must-have Features
Check out these suggested features to look for when shopping for a hummingbird feeder for your backyard.
Suet & Seed Cakes Make for Simple Winter Wild Bird Feeding
Birds must have easy access to high-energy food as they prepare for migration and/or build up fat reserves for winter survival.
Suet: An Ideal Bird Food for Spring and Summer
Suet provides a super-concentrated source of energy, ideal for nesting birds. Today’s no-melt varieties are ideal for summer.
Suet: New Ways to Serve
Suet is high-protein, high-calorie, pure animal fat that provides a perfect food source and offers much needed energy for non-migratory winter birds.
Wild Bird Fall Migration & How you can help
All about wild bird migration, including why they do it, how they do it, nutrition needed, and how you can help.
Window Feeders Lure Birds Closest!
This scenario is exactly what window feeding is all about – bringing beautiful songbirds into your home so you can enjoy a pleasant and entertaining look from the comforts of your favorite easy chair.
Winter Feeding Tips: What to Offer
Feeding wild birds in the fall and winter offers your non-migrating backyard birds cold weather sustenance when fresh food is less abundant. Learn what to feed different species of bird.
Winter Tips for Creative Bird Feeding
Learn creative ways to feed your backyard wild birds and decorate your yard through the cold winter months.
Winter Wild Birds, How to Attract
There are many ways you can attract and watch wild birds, without trudging out into the harsh, blustery weather. Learn More!

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Bluebirds, How to Attract
Suet Benefits
Bird Feeding Tips: Fruit Attracts Variety
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Bring In a Variety With Black Oil Sunflower Seed
All About Suet
Blue Jay
In-depth look at the
Blue Jay
Drs. Foster and Smith Squirrel Food
Drs. Foster and Smith Squirrel Food
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