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African Clawed Frog
The African Clawed Frog is a completely aquatic frog. They are excellent swimmers and can swim in all directions - including backwards - easily. These frogs make great pets for both the experienced and beginner herp enthusiasts. Learn More >
Children & Reptiles: What to Expect If You're Thinking About Getting Your Child a Reptile
While reptiles are not suitable pets for children to care for by themselves, that doesn't mean that reptiles can't fit into your household at all. Many children can help to take care of a reptile. Learn more >
Filtration Systems for Reptiles:
Why You Need Them & How They Work

With so many different filters to choose from, it can get confusing trying to create a proper filtration system for your herp's habitat. Our convenient filter guide is here to help clear up any confusion.
Golden Tree Frog
The Golden Tree Frog (Polypedates leucomystax) is a popular pet reptile that goes by many names, including Common Tree Frog, Banana Frog, Asian Tree Frog, and more.
Handling Reptiles Safely (Part 1): Proper Handling
Many pet reptiles can be handled and even tamed to a certain degree. However, it is important that you always handle your reptiles correctly, both for your safety and theirs.
Handling Reptiles Safely (Part 2): Tips for Proper Handling
Each kind of reptile will need to be handled differently. Some can be handled extensively, and some should only be handled when necessary, such as when you need to move them to clean their habitat.
Housing Multiple Reptiles of the Same Species
Pet owners who are used to having dogs, cats, and other animals may find it hard to understand that reptiles don't actually need "friends." However, it is possible to house multiples reptiles from the same species in one enclosure.
Mixing Herp Species: Why You Shouldn't Do It
There are a number of reasons why different reptile species are not compatible, including habitat requirements, dietary needs and practices, diseases, and more.
Paddletail Newt
Paddletail Newts are often mistakenly sold in pet stores as Firebelly Newts, but they are a completely different species. There are two main species of Paddletail Newts – Pachytriton labiatus and Pachytriton brevipes.
Paddletail Newt Habitats, How to Create
Wanting to have a Paddletail Newt as a pet? Here's a guide of how to create the ideal habitat for your Paddletail Newt.
Paludariums: Discover Water Garden Terrariums!
A reptile paludarium is an excellent way to replicate a natural environment, but how can you be sure you have everything you'll need for the habitat? Get a foolproof aquarium/terrarium kit with integrated filtration and lighting!
Reptile Hide Boxes: Uses, Sizes, and Placement
The hide box is a very important part of your reptile's habitat. Learn why you need to provide one, what it's used for, how to make one, what size it should be, and more.
Reptile Myths and Misconceptions
There are many myths floating around about reptiles, which can be detrimental to herps. In this article, we will debunk some of these myths to clear up the misconceptions you may have about herps and herp care.
Reptile Substrate Selection Guide
There are a number of substrates available for reptiles today. Though marketed specifically for reptiles, many of these substrates may not be safe for use in your reptile's habitat. Here is a guide to choosing the correct substrate for your reptile.
White's Tree Frog
White'sTree Frog (Litoria caerulea): Also known as the Dumpy Tree Frog, Smiling Tree Frog, and Australian Green Tree Frog, the White's Tree Frog is easy to care for and therefore, makes a good pet for new reptile owners.
White's Tree Frog Habitats, How to Create
The White'sTree Frog (Litoria caerulea) is also commonly referred to as the Dumpy Tree Frog, Smiling Tree Frog, and Australian Green Tree Frog. White's Tree Frogs have very specific housing requirements that must be met in order to be healthy.


FAQs: Heating
Terrarium Substrate Buyer's Guide
White's Tree Frog Habitats, How to Create

Reptile Hide Boxes: Uses, Sizes, and Placement
Reptile Humidity Level Comparison Chart

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