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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Open expanded article descriptions
Feeding Fish: When You Have To Be Away
Koi Health & pH FAQs
Spring Into Summer: Pond Fish Nutrition

PRODUCT COMPARISONS Close expanded article descriptions
Fish Vitamins & Pond Plant Supplement Overview
Maintaining a healthy pond depends on preserving a stable environment. If your aquatic life is not as healthy as you like, adding vitamins or minerals may help. Learn what different vitamins do for fish and plant health.

GENERAL INFORMATION Close expanded article descriptions
Cancer in Koi & Goldfish: Feeding for the Cure
Did you know that even fish can develop skin cancer and liver cancer (hepatic cell carcinoma) from exposure to toxins in the water and sediment?
How to Maintain Proper Pond Oxygen Content
There are two ways to tell whether the oxygen level in your pond is sufficient: test and observation. Learn how to use these to provide your pond with the proper oxygen content.
Judging Koi: Learn How
Koi are bred for the best characteristics from proven bloodlines. The shape, color, and skin quality of any individual fish can vary greatly as it grows to maturity. Learn how koi are judged my the pros.
Koi & Pond Fish Food Overview
Even foods with excellent nutritional profiles may not be the right choice depending on the time of year. Find out which foods to offer and when to ensure proper koi nutrition.
Koi Pond Care Tips
Koi seem to be as integral to contemporary water gardening as cattails and lily pads. Their stunning coloration, playful personalities and gliding tranquility can transform a backyard pond. Learn what they need to survive and thrive in your pond.
Koi Pond Stocking Tips
The rewards of the Koi pond are great. A well-designed Koi pond adds beauty and a sense of style wherever it is located. By starting with the right set-up, your Koi will thrive for years to come. Learn what is needed for koi health.
Koi Stress Reducers: Clays, Salts & Vitamins
The most common cause of fish stress is poor water quality. Fish can also stress due to sudden changes in pH or temperature, breaks in their routine, and a host of other causes. Learn what you can do to reduce stress in your pond fish.
Koi: History & Care Information
Koi, or Nishikigoi, are the national fish of Japan. Koi are thought to originate in the Middle Eastern region now known as Iran from a species of fish called Magoi, the common carp. Learn how koi are bred and raised.
Oxygen Content Factors in Water Gardens
Vital to its inhabitants, your pond water should always be near oxygen saturation. The key to maintaining sufficient oxygen in your pond is understanding its basic chemistry. Learn how to keep the oxygen levels in your pond at a healthy level.
Preparing a Quarantine Area for Pond Fish
Find a watertight container large enough to comfortably hold your koi for a week or two. It must have a rim around the top. Plastic storage containers and kiddie pools typically work well. Simply place the container in the pond, fill with pond water
Protect Valuable Koi from Pond Predators
Did you know pond netting is an effective tool against pond predators? Learn more about the benefits of this versatile defense against pond poachers.
Seasonal Koi Nutrition Needs
Choosing the right food and feeding it at the right time affects the overall health and longevity of your fish. As seasons change, so do the nutritional needs of your fish. Learn how changing your fish's diet with the seasons affects its health.
Supplementing Koi Diets
While staple pellet foods are nutritionally balanced and should be the main food source for koi, summer is the perfect time to offer koi something extra to eat. Learn how adding fruits and vegetables to your kois diet can improve overall health.
Water Quality Tips for Koi Success
A koi pond is a complex ecosystem in miniature form, and careful consideration is placed on water quality. Transform your pond into a thriving aquatic system with beautiful koi using these water quality tips.

Koi: Basic Environmental Needs, Husbandry, and Care
Quarantining Pond Fish for Treatment

Koi & Pond Fish Food Overview
Koi Pond Stocking Tips
Koi Health & pH FAQs

Koi & Pond Fish Food Overview
Protect Valuable Koi from Pond Predators

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