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Building a Pond: Step-by-Step Guide
Building a pond does not have to be an impossible dream. Nor does it require a pond-building specialist. Careful planning before installation lessens the work as well as the cost. This guide shows you how.
Compact Water Features Overview
A water feature does not have to be large or complicated. A small, well-thought out water feature imparts the same calming benefits as larger ones. The following is a brief overview of compact water features that you may want to considered.
Overview: Pond Components
Everything you do as a pond keeper should be designed to optimize this interdependent relationship of plants, fish, and micro-organisms. Here's a brief overview of how each component in a typical pond system contributes to its overall health.
Overview: Water Garden Lighting Guide
The sun-dappled backyard pond is a thing of beauty. Green plants. Colorful flowers. Graceful swimming fish. But why should you enjoy your pond only during daylight hours? Use our water garden lighting guide to find the perfect lighting for your pond.
Pond Fountain Selection Guide
The right fountain display can add a beautiful focal point while providing added benefits for your pond. Use this fountain comparison to chose the fountain or fountains that are right for your pond or water garden.
Pond Styles Overview
A dramatic water element can be as subtle as an ornamental water fountain, pond or a waterfall that curtains over a retaining wall and disappears into a shallow pool below. This article details three popular water features from subtle to sublime.

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"Green" Ideas for Ponds and Water Gardens
Adding a Pond Waterfall
Be Inspired ... Pond Tours
Beyond Koi: Adding Life to Your Pond
Choose pond liners thoughtfully
Create a Harmonious Backyard Garden
DIY Weekend Pond Makeovers
Energy Efficient Pond Products
Enhance Pond Filtration with a Bog Filter
Enhance Your Backyard Garden Pond with Butterflies
Enjoy Your Pond, How to
Fall Pond Building Tips
How to Build a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
How to Create an Eco-Friendly Water Garden
Planning and Budgeting Your Pond
Pond Keeping with the Environment in Mind
Pond Water Fountains 101
Pondless Waterfalls: Re-think Waterfall Features
Simple Guide to Effective Pond Predator Control
Simple Guide to Pond & Water Feature Selection
Spring Into Action
Tips For Small Scale Success

Constructing a Pond: 11 Things to Consider
Digging a Pond and Installing a Liner
Waterfalls for Ponds: An Introduction to Planning

Building a Pond: Step-by-Step Guide
Adding a Pond Waterfall
Planning and Budgeting Your Pond

Simple Guide to Effective Pond Predator Control
Spring Into Action

In-depth look at the
Mosquito Fish
Pond Construction & Enhancement
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