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Beak Care
It is imperative that you do all you can to ensure the good health of your bird's beak. Here are a few things you can and should provide for proper beak care:
Bird Feathers 101: Structure, Types, Growth, Molting & Health
All about feathers including feather type, feather growth, molting, and gauging bird health by looking at feathers.
Bird Winter Bathing & Grooming Tips
You know how much your bird loves water. In the wild, parrots and other birds bathe by rubbing their heads on wet leaves in the canopies of the rainforest, plunging in puddles, and even standing under small waterfalls.
Feather and Skin Care Tips for Your Pet Bird
Your bird's feathers and skin are delicate and their appearance is a direct indication of your bird's overall health. Here are some tips to promote feather and skin health. Learn more >
Help Prevent Feather Picking
Feather picking, or plucking, can be a very serious problem for your pet bird. It's important to visit your veterinarian and help to keep your bird active to prevent boredom. Learn more >
How to Clip Your Bird's Wings
Clipping wings is necessary for all of the more social birds that are allowed out of the cage. Birds such as canaries and other finches that stay in the cage don't need their wings clipped.
How to Take Care of Your Bird's Beak
Beak care is critical for the overall health of your bird. Fortunately, with the variety of products on the market made specifically for caged birds, you can ensure your bird is getting all the nutrients she needs and be aware of any problems.
How to Trim Your Bird's Nails
Like us, birds must have their nails trimmed as part of a regular grooming program. Overgrown nails make perching difficult, as well as increase the chance of catching a nail on carpet or sweaters.
How to Use a Bird Mister
Feather misting not only is a time for you to bond with your bird, but is very important to his overall skin and feather quality.
Preening behavior in pet birds
What preening is, why birds do it, and how to help them
The Importance of Clipping Your Bird's Wings
If your bird spends any time outside of his cage, monthly wing clipping will help ensure his safety. Learn more >
Types and benefits of mineral treats
Mineral treats offer entertainment, boredom prevention, constructive activity, and beak conditioning. A variety of mineral-based treats are sure to please your bird.
What to do About Problem Feather Picking
Is your bird picking himself bald? Of all the bird questions we receive, questions about feather picking are the most common. Feather picking problems occur when natural preening behavior goes awry and becomes an obsession.
Why and How to Bathe Your Bird
Indoors, your bird's skin can become very dry, making bathing or misting essential. Just as birds vary in personality, so do they vary in how they prefer to bathe.

Beaks, Anatomy, Care & Diseases
Broken Blood Feathers: First Aid and Removal
Feather Types, Anatomy, and Molting
Grooming Pet Birds
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
How to Take Care of Your Bird's Beak
Why and How to Bathe Your Bird
How to Trim Your Bird's Nails
Preening behavior in pet birds
Bird Feathers 101: Structure, Types, Growth, Molting & Health

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