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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Close expanded article descriptions
FAQs: Water Pumps
The primary role of water pumps is to move water to or from the filtration systems in freshwater or saltwater aquariums. There are two main types of setups. This article discusses both.

PRODUCT COMPARISONS Close expanded article descriptions
Air Pump Selection Guide
Air pumps have many different uses. Once you decide what you need an air pump for, selecting the right pump for your application is easy. This article discusses the different types and uses of air pumps.
Aquarium Water Pumps Selection Guide
When choosing a water pump type and size, there are several factors to include in your decision. Filtration type, desired flow rate, plumbing and head height, and adding additional devices all come into play. This article helps clear the confusion.
Compare Water Pumps
Your primary objective is to maintain a healthy thriving aquatic environment for your underwater plants and animals. To achieve this goal, one of the most critical decisions you'll make is choosing the right pump. Compare pumps here.

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Aeration: The Importance of Proper Aeration
Aquarium Aeration, the importance of
Aquarium Plumbing Terms & Tips
Aquarium Water Movement Upgrades Made Simple
How Water Movement Contributes to Aquarium Fish Health
Hydor Koralia Water Circulation Pump
Importance of Water Movement in Aquariums
Improve Water Movement, How To
Increase Aeration for Healthy Aquariums
Perform Routine Aquarium Pump Maintenance
Pumps: Choosing Flow Rate
The Importance of Oxygen
Water Movement: Laminar Flow, Turbulence & Surge
Wavemakers: Beneficial for Corals


Increase Aeration for Healthy Aquariums
Pumps: Choosing Flow Rate
FAQs: Water Pumps

Perform Routine Aquarium Pump Maintenance
The Importance of Oxygen

In-depth look at the
Dwarf Gourami
Water Movement
Hydor Koralia Pumps
Hydor Koralia Pumps
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Sicce Wave Surfer Pump Controller Kits
Sicce Wave Surfer Pump Controller Kits
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Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps
Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps
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