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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Close expanded article descriptions
FAQs: Biological Media
Many aquarist have questions about aquarium filtration. These FAQs answer some basic questions on biological filter media.

PRODUCT COMPARISONS Close expanded article descriptions
3-Stage Filtration Overview
Unlike natural aquatic systems, toxic compounds accumulate quickly in an enclosed aquarium system. Without a natural means to efficiently remove these toxic compounds or wastes, conventional aquariums are dependent upon filtration devices.
Aquarium Filter Selection Guide
Which aquarium filter is right for you? Today's aquarium filters include undergravel filters, power filters, canister filters, wet/dry filters, and internal filters. Read more to make the smart aquarium filter choice.
Canister Filters: Selection Guide
Whether you're setting up a larger aquarium or simply want to upgrade your existing filter, the versatile and reliable nature of a canister filter makes it a great choice. Use the following chart to determine which canister filter is right for you.
Chemical Filter Media Selection Guide
Looking to rid your aquarium of ammonia, phosphate, heavy metals and other toxins? Chemical filter media is the answer.

GENERAL INFORMATION Open expanded article descriptions
Advancements in Aquarium Filtration
AquaClear Pro Series, how to install
Aquarium Filter Media Overview
Aquarium Filtration Quick Guide
Benefits of Aquarium Canister Filters
Benefits of Chemical Filter Media
Biofiltration Technology
Biological Filtration: Is Your Filter at Peak Performance?
Biological Media: Balance and Detoxification
Biological Media: Types & Benefits
Custom Aquarium Filtration
Filtration Tips for Maintaining Water Quality
Intelligent New Generation of Canister Filters
Lighting Options for Optimum Refugium Macroalgae Growth
Mechanical Filtration
Media Upgrades for your Canister Filter
Refugiums 101
Simple Filtration Upgrades for Marine Aquariums
Sponge Filters & Breeding Aquariums
Sumps: Practical & Specialized Uses
The Facts About Activated Carbon
Upgrading to Canister Filters


Aquarium Filter Selection Guide
Refugiums 101
Canister Filters: Selection Guide

Media Upgrades for your Canister Filter
Simple Filtration Upgrades for Marine Aquariums

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