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Afghan Hound
One of the sight hounds, the Afghan Hound is an elegant and dignified dog, originally bred to run down wild game. Today, the Afghan Hound usually serves as a prized family pet. The flowing coat and loping gait make it an outstanding dog for show.
Basset Hound
The Basset was bred for hunting rabbits. The fact that his nose is so close to the ground makes this not only possible, but obvious.
The Beagle is an extremely affectionate and loving dog breed that is typically good with other dogs, other pets, children and strangers.
Border Collie
Regarded as the premier sheep herding dog, Border Collies are born to work.
Boston Terrier
One of the only breeds to get its start on American soil, the Boston Terrier is an energetic small package of loyalty, affection, and intelligence.
Bouvier Des Flandres
Originating in the Flanders area of Belgium, the Bouvier des Flandres was primarily used as a farm dog to drive cattle, guard the farm, and pull carts.
The Boxer is a breed with both beauty and strength. A fun-loving dog, the Boxer makes a very good family pet, as well as a watchdog. The Boxer's inquisitive eyes and affectionate personality have made it one of the most popular breeds in the country.
Bull Terrier
The breed with the honor of winning 2006 Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show, the well-trained Bull Terrier is a friendly, affectionate, and loyal dog.
Originally bred to protect game and discourage poachers on English estates, the Bullmastiff's heritage belies the fact that he is now a family dog.
The Chihuahua is one of the most popular, and smallest, household breeds.
Cocker Spaniel
Affectionate, loyal, and an all-around happy breed, it is no surprise that the Cocker Spaniel is the most popular American-born breed.
The Collie is a loyal companion that will protect her family, especially children. Learn more about the Collie dog breed.
The Dachshund is a curious and adventurous breed who is able to adapt to apartment and city life as well as take on the countryside.
Who could help but love the face and demeanor of a Dalmatian (or Dal), especially after two Disney movies in the past decade have portrayed them in such a positive light? And they are positive dogs - with the right owners.
English Setter
These beautiful slender dogs almost always cause a stir at a dog show with their proud demeanor and flowing coats.
English Springer Spaniel
A great all-around hunting dog, the English Springer can retrieve, hunt, and go into water. The English Springer is also a great family pet if you don't hunt.
French Bulldog
Bred for companionship, the French Bulldog or "Frenchie" is a housedog and a "clown" among dogs. Many Frenchie lovers write that although the breed is an acquired taste, once you fall in love with the breed, it remains in your heart forever.
German Shepherd
The German Shepherd is a breed known for its faithfulness and relentless work. Good genetics and a great deal of puppy socialization are needed to help mold adult behavior.
German Shorthaired Pointer
The German Shorthaired Pointer (or GSP) originated in Germany as the name suggests. However, the heritage involved in the development is somewhat a mystery.
Golden Retriever
Goldens are known for their sweet temperament and their willingness to work with their owners. Anyone who has owned a Golden can attest to his or her eagerness, alertness, and self-confidence.
Great Dane
The Great Dane is not from Denmark, as the name implies, but was bred in Germany to hunt wild boar and, in fact, its German name is "Deutsche Dogge," meaning "German Mastiff."
Although the exact date of the Greyhound's origin is not known, we do have references to similar breeds from over 5 millennia ago. They are members of the "sight hound" family, the oldest family of dogs.
Irish Wolfhound
Originating in Ireland, the Irish Wolfhound was used as a war dog, hunting hound and guard. The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest of all dogs with some reaching the size of a small pony.
Italian Greyhound
The smallest of all sight hounds, the Italian Greyhound is a model of elegance and grace.
Labrador Retriever
The Labrador Retriever, or Lab as he is commonly called, has a basically stable personality, is a tough creature, and has an inherent desire to please his owner, which makes him a great family dog...
First bred by Leonberg, Germany mayor, Herr Heinrich Essig, in 1846, these large and elegant dogs instantly became favorites of European royalty.
Miniature Schnauzer
The Miniature Schnauzer, the smallest of the three Schnauzer breeds, is an alert and loving companion.
The Pekingese is a small, compact dog which portrays an air of self-importance and dignity.
Also known as the English Pointer, the Pointer is a large sporting dog that hunts by scent.
The alert and intelligent Pomeranian is a very active breed that has a lot of energy, though still enjoys lying quietly next to her family members.
Poodle, Standard
The Standard Poodle is the national dog of France, however, this breed originated in Germany as a water retriever.
One of the oldest breeds, the Pug has been a loving companion to man for nearly two and half millennia.
The Rottweiler, or "Rottie," is a medium-large, sturdy dog that combines strength, agility and endurance, characteristics of a true working dog.
Scottish Terrier
Scottish Terriers are intelligent, determined, and devoted to their families. Scotties are prone to obesity, so daily exercise is recommended.
Shetland Sheepdog
The Sheltie is a good choice for those looking for a smaller breed that does well with other dogs, other pets, and children.
Shih Tzu
The Shih Tzu has worked its way around the world and into the hearts of many people, consistently making it one of the most popular dog breeds.
Sussex Spaniel
The Sussex Spaniel was one of the earliest breeds recognized by the AKC, but remains fairly rare to this day in the United States.
The Unique Needs of Toy Breeds
Toy Breeds Have Unique Needs
Toy and Small Breeds: Essential Care Items
Due to their manageable size, toy and small dog breeds are extremely popular with urban as well as elderly pet owners.
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is an intelligent and easily trained breed that is very eager to please. They love to be around people and hate to be ignored.
Yorkshire Terrier
The Yorkie is affectionate, delightful and interesting to own, and is especially suited for apartment living.

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