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Home Dental Care Guide
Do you do your part to protect your cat from periodontal disease? Use these three steps to help keep your cat's teeth healthy.

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An Oral Exam on Dogs and Cats
Think you know all there is to know about good pet dental health? Take this short quiz to test your dental knowledge.
At-Home Dental Care Helps Prevent Oral Disease
Learn what threatens your cat’s oral health the most, and what steps you can take at home to ensure good oral health.
Brushing Your Cat's Teeth in 5 Steps
Do you know how to best care for you cat's teeth? Here's five simple steps for effective home dental care.
Cat Dental Facts
Do you know how many teeth a kitten has? Discover this and other interesting feline dental facts now.
Cat Dental Problems: Resorptive Lesions
Tooth resorption is a painful dental disease cats can get. Find out the signs and what can be done to ease your cat's pain.
Causes of Chronic Bad "Kitty Breath"
Is your cat at risk for chronic inflammatory diseases? Our veterinarian staff gives you the signs to watch for and tips to help protect your cat.
Common Feline Dental Problems
Do you know what common dental diseases and conditions can affect your cat? Find out more now.
Dental Care Essentials for Cats
Have you made the decision to clean your cat's teeth at home? Great! Now find out what you need to effectively clean your cat's teeth with ease.
Dental Disease: Common but Preventable
Why wouldn't Eric eat?
Dental Resorption Lesions
Is your cat safe from a common and painful dental condition? Find out now.
Periodontal Disease & Prevention
Do you know the signs of periodontal disease? Our veterinary staff outlines the signs of this disease and the preventative measures you need to help keep your pet's mouth and teeth healthy.

Bad Breath
Cleft Palate
Oral and Dental Anatomy of Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets
Cat Dental Care
Brushing Your Cat's Teeth in 5 Steps
Causes of Chronic Bad "Kitty Breath"
Cat Dental Facts
Cat Dental Care
An Oral Exam on Dogs and Cats
Cat Dental Problems: Resorptive Lesions

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Dental Care
Dental Fresh
Dental Fresh
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Drs. Foster and Smith Dental Cleanser and Dental Sponges
Drs. Foster and Smith Dental Cleanser and Dental Sponges
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C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Rinses
C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Rinses
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