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Cage Accessories Guide for Ferrets
Ferret's crave activity. In fact, the overall health of your curious and highly intelligent ferret depends on the exercise and mental stimulation she receives each day.

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Colors & Patterns in Ferrets
If your ferret is not one of the two natural colors of ferrets - sable or albino - it can be hard to distinguish what color she is.
Common Questions About Ferret Care
Ferrets have been domesticated for over 2,000 years, but it's only in the last 50 years or so that they have become beloved pets. They are rapidly becoming more and more popular, but it can still be difficult to find the information you need.
Drs. Foster & Smith Signature Series Premium Ferret Diet
Drs. Foster & Smith is pleased to introduce our Signature Series Premium Ferret Diet. Packed with protein from 3 different animal sources, our diet is formulated especially for the obligate carnivore nature of ferrets.
Ferret Care: Top 10 Tips
Many new ferret owners will quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the differences between owning a ferret and owning more common pets. There are many aspects about basic ferret care and more involved health issues you should be familiar with.
Ferret Facts
Ferret Fun Facts
Ferrets can sleep so soundly that they cannot be woken up even when picked up and jostled.
Ferret Ownership 101
Ferrets need annual exams and vaccinations, as well as other veterinary care. Many veterinarians will charge higher fees for ferrets because they consider them "exotics."
Ferret Ownership: In-Depth
Owning a ferret is a major responsibility. They have an average life span of 7 to 10 years, and can be high-maintenance pets.
Ferret Ownership: Top 10 Tips
When you become a ferret parent, getting the right information to increase your knowledge can be a challenge with all of the conflicting information out there.
Ferret Popularity: Pros & Cons
The key to countering all of these issues is education. If pet stores did a better job of educating potential ferret owners, people would be better prepared to take care of their ferrets. But the responsibility isn't only on them. You, as a knowledge
Profile: Learn more about the feeding habits, housing needs, diseases, and behavior of the ferret.
How to Choose Your Ferret
Whether you adopt a ferret from a shelter or purchase one from a pet store or a breeder, there are things you need to consider when making this big decision.
Introduce a Ferret to a Multiple Ferret Household
The more often you add a ferret to your group, the easier the process will become Ferrets that are used to welcoming new ferrets will adjust to the change much more quickly than those ferrets who haven't met a new ferret in a year or more.
Introduce a New Ferret, How to
When adding a new ferret to your one ferret household, it is very important that you keep it as stress free as possible for both your new ferret and your old ferret. Having a new ferret invade her territory is going to be very stressful for your old
Top 10 Reasons to Get a Ferret
Ferrets make great pets and companions for a number of reasons. But as with any pet, you should never bring a ferret home without doing your research and preparing for the responsibility of ferret ownership.

Bringing Your New Ferret Home
Ferret Nature & Ferret Proofing Your Home
Ferret Shows
Ferrets & Children
Financial Considerations
Introduction of Other Pets
Questions to Ask Before Getting a Ferret
Where Can I Get a Ferret?
Top 3 Ferret Articles
Ferret Ownership: In-Depth
Colors & Patterns in Ferrets
Ferret Ownership 101
New Ferret Articles
Drs. Foster & Smith Signature Series Premium Ferret Diet
Ferret Facts
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