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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Open expanded article descriptions
Chinchilla FAQs
Ferret FAQs
Gerbil FAQs
Hamster FAQs
Mouse FAQs
Rabbit FAQs
Rat FAQs
Sugar Glider FAQs

GENERAL INFORMATION Close expanded article descriptions
Chinchilla Facts
Chinchillas are special animals
Chinchilla Glossary of Terms
Words used when speaking of or referring to chinchillas.
Ferret Facts
Ferret Glossary of Terms
Funnel Ferret Word Finder
Word search game about small pets
Gerbil Facts
Gerbil Glossary of Terms
Guinea Pig Facts
Guinea Pig Glossary of Terms
Activity Hut: Guinea Pig Glossary of Terms
Hamster Facts
Hamster Glossary of Terms
Activity Hut for Children: Hamster Terms
Hedgehog Facts
Hedgehogs are interesting animals.
Hedgehog Glossary of Terms
Mouse Facts
Mouse Glossary of Terms
Activity Hut for Children: Mouse Glossary of terms
Rabbit Facts
Rabbit Glossary of Terms
Common words and what they mean when talking about rabbits.
Rat Facts
Rat Glossary of Terms
Activity Hut for Children. Rat Glossary of terms
Silly Pet Tales - Harry the Hedgehog
You create the story with this paragraph.
Smart Sugar Glider Quiz
Test your small pet knowledge.
Sugar Glider Facts
Sugar Glider Glossary of Terms
Sugar Glider Glossary of Terms
Wacky Word Unscramble
Unscramble the small pet terms.

QUIZZES, GAMES & FUN Close expanded article descriptions
Activity Hut: Guinea Pig Crossword Puzzle
Chinchilla Crossword Puzzle
Chinchilla Word Scramble
Drs. Foster & Smith Children's Small Pet Activity Center: Chinchilla Word Sramble
Chinchilla Word Search
Ferret Word Scramble
Ferret Word Search
Gerbil Word Scramble
Gerbil Word Search
Guinea Pig Word Scramble
Activity Hut: Guinea Pig Word Scramble
Guinea Pig Word Search
Guinea Pig Word Search
Hamster Word Search
Hedgehog Crossword Puzzle
Hedgehog Word Scramble
Mouse Crossword Puzzle
Test your knowledge of pet mice with this crossword puzzle.
Mouse Word Scramble
Mouse Word Search
Rabbit Crossword Puzzle
Rabbit Word Scramble
Rabbit Word Search
Rat Word Scramble
Rat Word Search
Activity Hut Rat Word Search Games for Kids
Sugar Glider Word Scramble
Activity Hut: Sugar Glider Word Scramble
Sugar Glider Word Search

Top Requested Activity Hut Fun & Games
Gerbil FAQs
Chinchilla Facts
Ferret Facts
New Activity Hut Fun & Games
Activity Hut: Guinea Pig Crossword Puzzle
Hamster Facts

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