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Grooming Your Horse Checklist

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Horse Grooming
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Rambo Newmarket Grooming Kit by Horseware Ireland
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Grooming Checklist for Horse Owners
Your horse's health depends on a rigorous, year-round grooming regimen. Grooming does wonders for your horse, including needed dirt removal, an increase in circulation, and keeping the coat shiny. When you groom daily, you can also spot skin problems before they get out of control.

Grooming a horse well takes practice and a step by step approach. Print off this handy checklist and hang it on your stable wall so you can make certain you do everything you need to do and have all the right equipment.

Quick Grooming Routine:
Clean your horse's hooves with a hoof pick.
Loosen dirt with a rubber curry comb. Use a circular motion and give your horse a feel-good massage while you're at it.
Next, use a mane comb or brush to comb out the mane and tail. When you brush the tail, the best thing is to start from the bottom and move up until you can comb completely from the top to the bottom.
Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove loose hair and clean off a coat that is extra-dirty.
Use a shedding blade to get out loose, dead hair.
Now take a face brush and give your horse's face a good going over. Be gentle!
Finally, make your horse's hide shine with a finishing brush and some grooming spray. Do NOT spray the product near eyes or face or where the saddle goes.

Also necessary in your barn's grooming kit are the following items:
Sweat Scraper   Sponge
Sunscreen Hoof Dressing
Rubber Mitts or Jelly Scrubbers Grooming Shammies
Bucket Shampoo
Electric Clippers Sheath Cleaner
Rubber Bands or Tape Scissors
Hand Towels or Paper Towels
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