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Give Squirrels Their Own Feeder

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Squirrel-Resistant Feeders: Buyer's Guide 
Why & How to Attract Squirrels 
How to Baffle Squirrels 
Mandarin Squirrel-Away Baffle
Mandarin Squirrel-Away Baffle
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Enjoying Squirrels More (or Less)
Enjoying Squirrels More (or Less)
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Bird Guardian Birdhouse Predator Protector
Bird Guardian Birdhouse Predator Protector
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Give Squirrels their own Feeder

Though designed to attract wild birds, bird feeders also have the effect of attracting other wildlife species. The prospect of an easy meal is too alluring, so whenever you offer food to wild birds, sooner or later you will attract squirrels.

With a single feeder, both birds and squirrels end up competing for the same resource. Consequently, the larger, more active squirrels scare away birds and in the process bird feeders get damaged. Most bird feeders simply are not designed to withstand the persistent and energetic activity of foraging squirrels. Maintain backyard harmony and prevent costly damage to bird feeders by providing squirrels a feeder of their own.

Maintain backyard harmony and prevent costly damage to bird feeders by providing squirrels a feeder of their own – one designed to challenge them but at the same time resist damage. Look for durable, squirrel-resistant materials such as metal or solid thick-cut hardwood construction to ensure lasting enjoyment.

Bird Feeders are for the Birds
Squirrels are just as fascinating and entertaining to watch as wild birds. Also, squirrels are extremely cunning, and their problem-solving abilities seem uncanny. Squirrel feeders that challenge and stimulate clever squirrel minds provide hours of interactive entertainment for both you and the squirrels. Not only do squirrels relish the mental and physical exercise, they are rewarded generously for their efforts.

Use squirrel favorites such as corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and squirrel food and place feeders at least 15 ft. away from your wild bird feeders. Keep squirrel feeders well stocked at all times to prevent squirrels from straying from their designated feeder. Occupied squirrels are less likely to be interested in bird feeders.

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