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Spring Pond Care

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Pond Algae-Busting Tips 
Summer Pond Care 
Spring Pond To-Do List 
Spring & Summer Pond Care
Drs. Foster and Smith Spring and Fall Food
Drs. Foster and Smith Spring and Fall Food
As low as $14.99
Microbe-Lift Microbial Pond Treatment
Microbe-Lift Microbial Pond Treatment
As low as $21.56
PondBuilder Spring and Fall Clean
PondBuilder Spring and Fall Clean
As low as $15.99
Plan your pond spring cleaning now for summer success.

Spring is on the horizon and your sleeping pond is ready to awaken. Help your pond or water garden make a healthy and stress-free transition back to life with effective, timesaving pond water conditioners.

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Get a head start
In early spring, the pond ecosystem is in a fragile, transitional state where water conditions can rapidly deteriorate. Many natural processes that help maintain a healthy pond environment need time to establish. Give your pond a helping hand. As soon as water temperatures are warm enough to run your pond filtration system, use pond conditioners to jump-start your pond.

Supplies for a healthy pond ecosystem
To help ensure healthy pond conditions and minimize nuisance algae growth, consider the following popular pond water conditioners. These products help you maintain beautiful ponds and water gardens with minimal effort.

Microbe-Lift Sludge Away accelerates the breakdown of difficult-to-remove sludge and pond muck. It is indispensable for ponds with rock or gravel bottoms where vacuuming organic buildup may not be practical or effective.

TetraPond AlgaeControl safely controls unsightly green water, blanket weed, and stubborn string algae. This EPA-registered algae control solution is great for ornamental ponds with plants, as well as fountains and ornamental ponds with synthetic liners.
Tetra AquaSafe for Ponds is essential if your water source is chlorinated. AquaSafe quickly neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals to make tap water safe for pond fish and plants. Use AquaSafe every time you top off your pond or perform seasonal water changes.

Take inventory of your pond supplies
Now is a great time to check all your pond supplies. Are there new products you wish you had last year to make maintenance easier? Stock up on essentials to spend more time enjoying your pond - not cleaning it.

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