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Garden Hangers & Shepherds Hooks: Ways to Use

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Backyard Beauty: The Convenience & Versatility of Garden Hangers

Why not use garden hangers to enhance your yard? Hangers or "shepherd's hooks" allow you to place accessories almost anywhere without disturbing trees or a perfectly manicured landscape. They also help you create squirrel-free feeding stations (when used with a baffle) because you can place them in the open where squirrels cannot launch an aerial attack on the feeder.

Place hangers in your yard to:

  • Offer multiple feeders around your yard.
    • (Strategic placement of feeders throughout your yard can help reduce competition and territorial behaviors while also allowing you to view your visiting birds from multiple windows. Remember to offer a variety of feeder types to attract the most variety.)
  • Make a place for charming items like a butterfly house.
  • Suspend pleasant-sounding wind chimes or kinetic spinners.
  • Dangle a seed cake or suet feeder.
    • (Suet offers an oasis of energy for migrating, nesting and wintering birds. It is enjoyed by birds in all seasons, not just in winter.)
  • Hang flower baskets or plants.
    • (If your hanger has several arms, place a flower basket or plant on one of them to give birds a perch upon which they can wait their turn for a popular feeder.)
  • Offer a hanging birdbath.
    • Birds are naturally attracted to a source of fresh, clean water. Hangers let you elevate your water source to help protect birds from ground predators.

For more decorative ideas, see our backyard décor section!


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