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Drs. Foster and Smith and 3rd Annual Coral Conference & Frag Swap Highlights

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
How to Propagate Coral Frags at Home 
Protecting Coral Reefs 
Live Aquaria® Aquaculture Coral & Aquatic Life Facility 
Coral Conservation
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Walt Smith International REEFROCK 2.1 Mini-Nano Series Fiji Handcrafted Aquarium Rock
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Reef Snow
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Coral Conservation: Preserving the Corals We Care For Coral Conservation: Preserving the Corals We Care For
Coral Conservation: Preserving the Corals We Care For
Anyone who has seen images of a vibrant coral reef knows the heartbreaking contrast of a reef that is bleached and broken. When reefs are lost, with them go an entire ecosystem comprised of vast numbers of fish, invertebrates, and plant life. Global education and conservation practices are essential if we wish to protect these beautiful and delicate ecosystems.

"Very informational! I'm very pleased! Keep up the good work! This is a great opportunity to meet fellow reef hobbyists. Excellent speakers. Great freebies and very nice to interact directly with vendors. Thank you!"
- Ben, MI
"I just attended your Coral Conference and Frag Swap in Rhinelander, WI. I would like to say that it was a very impressive event... I also appreciated the helpful fragging information presented by Julian Sprung. I will definitely be back next year and will recommend and Drs. Foster and Smith to all my friends and family. You guys have something great going on!"
- Michael Attewell, ND
"My father and I had the distinct privilege to attend the recent coral conference. It became quite clear that Foster and Smith is no ordinary mail-order company. These folks are genuine, from the newest staff member to Dr. Foster himself. The company hosted this well-organized event in a most generous fashion. The nominal guest fee we paid was surely a fraction of its total value. Included were an excellent lunch and dinner, notable speaker presentations, generous gift bags, and friendly, expert conversation. On the second day, my father and I met a kindly gentleman who inquired how we were enjoying the event. Having just returned from an awe-inspiring tour of the aquaculture facility, we expressed our sole regret, which was that we had not signed up quickly enough for warehouse and call-center tours as well. 'I'll take you,' smiled the man. Only during our personal tour did we come to realize that this kindly gentleman was Dr. Foster himself. Thank you for a most memorable trip!"
- Ambrose and Karen, IN
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Many reef-keeping hobbyists are aware of the declining health of the world's reefs. However, it seems like an overwhelming task for one individual to tackle a dilemma of this magnitude. That is why Drs. Foster & Smith and host the annual Coral Conference & Frag Swap in Rhinelander, WI.

Our goal is to increase awareness and reduce pressure on our natural reefs. The conference and frag swap emphasizes coral conservation through the exchange of knowledge and aquaculture methods as well as through trading aquacultured corals. This unique event brings together reef hobbyists and frag traders with the industry’s leading speakers and aquarium suppliers.

Drs. Foster & Smith is leading the way to further ensure coral reef conservation. Our recent $500,000 expansion of our cutting-edge Aquaculture Coral and Marine Life Facility includes an upgrade of our fish and coral holding systems as well as the installation of an additional coral quarantine system. These efforts have doubled our former capacity to provide aquarium hobbyists with a reliable source of aquacultured species and further decrease dependence on natural reef harvesting.

Why should I be concerned about reef conservation?
Since close to a million species of fish, invertebrates, and plants feed and live on
and around the world's reefs, loss of reef also means loss of the precious ecosystem around it.

Coral Conservation: Drs. Foster & Smith Certified Captive Grown Acropora Coral
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Coral Conservation for the Responsible Reef Hobbyist
Looking for a Viable Alternative to Wild Harvested Reef Corals
Helping Protect Our Coral Reefs - One Frag at a Time
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