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Automate your cat care basics Automate your cat care basics
Automate your cat care basics Cats are attractive pets for many reasons, not the least of which is their independent and self sufficient nature.
Your home-alone pet, however, deserves more than an overfilled food and water bowl to keep her needs met. Today, there are products which automate daily feeding, watering, litter control, play, and security. Using these devices, you can maintain your cat's comfortable routine, whether you're home or away.

In addition to keeping important pet care on schedule, automation is convenient for you, and makes sure things get done well. In fact, you may find yourself using these helpful devices full time:

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Automated feeders and waterers - Deliver fresh food and water, in the right amounts, at just the right time.

Dry food becomes even dryer the longer it sits in the bowl. Water becomes warm and flat, and collects dust. Automated feeders and waterers have many advantages over the traditional bowl.


Automated litter box - Does the dirty work for you.

Ultimate LitterMaid Elite Automatic Litter Box If you want to deter your cat from thinking outside of the box, you need to keep her litter well groomed and odor-free.

  • The Nature's Miracle® Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes automatic litter box actually cleans itself and deposits waste in a disposable container. The box features an electronic sensor that detects waste and rakes it away ten minutes after your cat departs. Less clean-up duty for you means more free time.

  • Install a battery-operated Aerosol Deodorizer near the litter box and set it to spray your choice of fresh scents at intervals.
Motion-sensitive and interactive toys - The mental and physical challenge your cat needs… on-demand!

Ba-Da-Beam Toy Your cat gets bored without your companionship. She may express her displeasure a number of ways. When you are away, your cat needs another outlet for stimulation. Toys, especially those designed for independent, interactive play can be the answer.

  • The battery-operated Ba-Da-Beam Toy is an automatic laser chaser that keeps your cat on the prowl. The laser dot, which circles, pauses, and then circles again, cannot be caught - which keeps your cat moving. The Ba-Da-Beam features a rotating laser that can be directed into one of two adjustable positions - straight ahead for wall use, or downward toward the floor.

  • Motion-activated Mouse Toy entices your cat to play. When your cat gets near each of these toys, the included mice start moving - enticing your cat to play, pounce, and catch. Each Motor Mouse or Cheese Mountain toy includes a carpeted scratch pad on top edge for additional fun.
Alarms - Protect your cat... and your furniture… while you are away.

SSSCAT Spray Safety should never take a holiday. Using battery-operated alarms, you can keep your cat in her place and away from selected furnishings, and also keep strays and unwanted animals away.

  • SSSCAT Spray has a motion sensor to detect pets or unwanted animals as they enter forbidden areas. It wards off intruders with a startling, deterring spray.

  • The Tattle Tale senses vibration and startles your pet away with an audible alarm.
Automation cannot replace your companionship, but it can enhance your pet's time spent alone. Go ahead. Be an automator. Your cat will appreciate the effort.
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