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Surface Barriers Eliminate Bad Behavior

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Behavior & Training
Pet Organics No-Go
Pet Organics No-Go
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Comfort Zone with Feliway Plug-in
Comfort Zone with Feliway Plug-in
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Sofa Scram
Sofa Scram
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Training Aids - Improve your Cat's Behavior

Surprise her next visit onto the countertop with an unpleasant surface
Scat Mat
Scat Mat
You've shooed her down from countertops and caught her scratching good furniture countless times. If your scolding tone alone isn't enough to prevent her from further episodes, there's a better way.

When your cat goes to a scratching post instead of the sofa, use positive reinforcement such as giving treats or talking in a soft, happy voice. But when you need her to stop negative behaviors, aversive conditioning techniques provide the undesirable response your cat needs to stop an unacceptable behavior.

Try a startle correction such as a short alarm or loud noise to distract your cat next time she scratches on your furniture. Or, surprise her next visit onto the countertop with an unpleasant surface such as the X-Mat.

Cats quickly learn to avoid surfaces and rooms where the unpleasant response occurs. You'll soon have a more harmonious household, and you can stop the shooing and start praising the good behavior.

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