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Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Quilted Rear Seat Hammock
Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Quilted Rear Seat Hammock
As low as $56.24
Wee-Wee Pads for Little Dogs
Wee-Wee Pads for Little Dogs
As low as $14.99
Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Bench Seat Covers
Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Bench Seat Covers
As low as $31.99
Dog Car Safety Depends on You

Do your upcoming travel plans include your dog? If so, do you know which vehicle safety product is right for your four-legged travel companion? Prevent accidents caused by unrestrained pets with the right vehicle safety product.

Which of the following categories best describes your pet?

TOY BREEDS or small dogs weighing less than 20 pounds
Toy breeds and small dogs pose a special concern because of their diminutive size. Vehicle interiors offer ample room for unrestrained toy breeds to get into all sorts of potential mischief, including access to gas and brake pedals. How often have you seen small dogs peering from dashboards or rear windows? While it may seem cute, this type of free access is extremely dangerous for both driver and pet.

Solution: Safety seats
The Solvit Pet Booster Seats are perfectly designed for small dogs. Pet safety, comfort, and style go hand in hand with these easy-to-install safety seats. Install safety seats by strapping securely to your car seat, and your precious canine cargo has First Class seating for car trips, near or far.

Car Harnesses MEDIUM to large size dogs
Most dogs fall under this category, but pet vehicle safety is often overlooked for these dogs. Just like human passengers, your canine companion should be properly restrained during travel to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

Solution: Harness-style safety restraints
Harness-style pet restraints are versatile devices that attach easily to your car safety belt for secure installation. But don't be fooled by appearance. These harnesses may look restrictive, but they allow your pet to sit, stand or lay in comfort. For example, the Dura-Ruff® Car Safety Harness is available in a fleece-lined deluxe model for soft, padded comfort. The Solvit Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness is designed for vehicle safety and doubles as a conventional harness for hassle-free transition for dogs on the go.

RESTLESS or nervous dogs
Not all pets make good travel companions. Fearful or anxious dogs may exhibit more pronounced behavior when the car is in motion. Restless behavior such as pacing or comfort-seeking behavior in a moving vehicle creates extremely dangerous conditions. A sudden stop or a sharp turn can result in a serious accident.

Solution: Cages/Crates
There's no need to exclude nervous pets from your traveling plans. Crates and cages are perfect for nervous or anxious travelers. As den animals, dogs have a natural affinity to enclosures that provide a sense of security. A properly sized crate offers the den-like security your dog desires in times of stress. The Compass Kennels are excellent for traveling allowing for plenty of ventilation and comfort. For additional traveling peace-of-mind, give your pet our Ultra-Calm® Soft Chewables before you head out.


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