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Gerbil Word Scramble Answers

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Activity Hut Gerbil Word Scramble
How did you do on the word scramble? See the answers below...

  1. Treats

  2. Bedding

  3. Gerbil

  4. Chew Toys

  5. Climb

  6. Dust Bath

  7. Exercise Wheel

  8. Nest Box

  9. Cage

  10. Exercise Ball

  11. Pellet

  12. Tame

  13. Thumping

  14. Rodent

  15. Wink

Kaytee Fiesta Hamster/Gerbil Food Run-About Balls Exercise Wheel CareFRESH Bedding Apple & Wolfberry Chew Twigs & Tooth Sticks Super Pet Tropical Fiddlesticks

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