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Speaking of Health...

Schedule wellness checkups for your dog every six months
A wellness checkup, also called a "wellness exam," is a modified version of the traditional annual veterinary examination. Updated to reflect the changing nature of pet care, wellness checkups take into account 1) pets age faster than humans and 2) are living longer lives. Notable health changes in dogs can develop in a relatively short period. Also, as dogs live longer, the risk of potential health conditions steadily increases. Reducing the interval between examinations increases your veterinarian's ability to detect, diagnose, and propose treatment options in a timely fashion. In this way, regularly-scheduled wellness checkups play a significant role in improving the quality of your pet's life.

What to expect – questions your veterinarian may ask you about your dog
A wellness checkup will generally consist of fundamental examinations including: identifying vaccination status, weight and general body condition, heart and respiratory rates, intestinal parasites (fecal examination), behavior and personality traits, as well as dental care needs. Your veterinarian will ask you questions to create and maintain an accurate medical history. A current medical history is one of the main tools your veterinarian uses to determine if a disease process is occurring in your dog.

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