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12k Aquarium Lighting
5 results

Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights

As low as $14.99
Linkable LED lunar lights for supplemental aquarium lighting Recreate natural moon light cycles to aid spawning in aquariums Energy-efficient, high power LEDs great for viewing aquariums at night Let energy-efficient LED moonlight cast new light onto your aquarium at night. Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights create realistic moonlight for spectacular nighttime views. Brilliant, ...
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Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights

As low as $39.99
Brilliant LED aquarium strip lights rich with outstanding features Super slim LED design adds to aquarium aesthetics Linkable LEDs allow flexible, custom aquarium illumination Packed with ultra bright LEDs available in four color spectrums Rethink lighting possibilities with amazing, feature-rich LED strip lights! TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights redefine aquarium lighting by delivering ...
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Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips

As low as $37.99
Simple LED Strips upgrade adds dazzling light effects to any aquarium Affix slim LED strips to nano aquariums, canopies or light fixtures Create dynamic aquarium displays filled with textured rippling light Design your aquarium with light using easy-to-install LEDs. Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips offer a simple upgrade solution that delivers amazing light effects without the fuss or ...
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Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED Striplight Kits

As low as $119.99
Inclusive kit streamlines product selection for LED aquarium illumination with greater savings. Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED Striplight Kits save you time and money by packaging together the components you need for convenient set up at one great price! Brilliant and energy-efficient TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights rival the brightest T5 fluorescent lamps while consuming less energy and ...
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Actinic White 12000°K T-5 HO Fluorescent Tubes

As low as $13.99
Multipurpose high output T-5 fluorescent aquarium lamps 50/50 combination lamps are ideal for freshwater and marine aquariums Produces nearly twice the light output of conventional T-5 lamps Special combination of tri-band daylight and actinic phosphors produce a bright, 12,000 degreeK light. High performance Actinic White 12K lamps provide proper light necessary for healthy growth of ...
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