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12 Inch Ball Toy
4 results

Treat Ball & Treat Pod Toys for Dogs

As low as $14.99
Rollin', rockin', rewardin' treat toys for dogs provide hours of entertainment and challenge. Durable dog toys serve favorite dog treats or kibble with a generous helping of fun. The Hol-EE Treat Ball dog toy surrounds a sliding, spinning, hard plastic treat dispenser with a natural rubber outer "web." The Rockin Treat Ball dog toy, made with a tough nylon frame ...
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Planet Pleasures Shredder Ball Bird Toys

As low as $4.99
Entice your bird into play with this toy's hand woven, eye-catching shapes. Shredder Ball Bird Toys satisfy your bird's preening, shredding and foraging instincts. Feel free to stick small nuts or treats into the braided body to provide a reward for your bird's exploration. Bodies are made from woven palm leaf. Tails are made from woven palm and strands of ...
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Zoo Chews

As low as $8.99
Paper piñata has a durable bamboo foraging basket at the bottom to keep your bird's interest 3 fun characters each have a woven hat on top for hiding treats or pecking Natural materials are perfect for birds sized from conures to Amazons to shred and tear Prevent birdie boredom with a variety of exciting textures. Paper foraging piñatas are cute ...
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Tennis Ball Launcher by Nerf

As low as $14.99
Foot-activated rubber stomper with plastic neck Launches tennis ball up to 100 feet Exercise your dog without hurting your arms No more tired arms playing fetch until your dog is tired! Durable, interactive launching toy lets you use the power of your legs to launch a ball up to 100 feet for your dog to fetch. Simply place flat part ...
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