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10 Inch Activity Toy
6 results

Wacky Web™

As low as $22.99
Your cat won't mind getting caught up in this "web." With its irresistible "tail" movement and a rolling rattle ball, the Wacky Web keeps kitty swatting, chasing, and pouncing her days away. The Wacky Web's spinning rubber "tail" nudges the spider ball around the inside track, challenging your cat and igniting her natural hunting instinct. Easily program the Wacky Web ...
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Planet Pleasures Flower Tower Pinata Bird Toys

As low as $6.99
A blooming good time is sure to be had with these beautiful hanging bird toys. Planet Pleasures Flower Tower Pi�ata Bird Toys provide an extra chewing challenge with a bouquet of textures and woven pieces. Natural palm leaves artfully woven into fun, diverse shapes also enhance toy integrity for longer-lasting entertainment. Planet Pleasures Flower Tower Pi�ata Bird Toys feature woven ...
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Avian Specialties Lacey Bird Toys

As low as $10.39
Keep bird's brains and beaks busy with engaging physical and mental activity. Avian Specialties Lacey Bird Toys keep pet birds happily entertained as they puzzle their way through colorful braided sisal rope and a tangle of leather strips. Versatile hanging bird toy boasts multiple play options so pet birds have a great time whether they like to chew, preen, climb, ...
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Katy's ABCs Hanging Bird Toy

As low as $9.99
Entice your bird to climb, perch, chew and play on this brightly colored bird toy Give your bird the exercise he requires Bold-colored toy pieces brighten any cage Activity center for your bird that lasts and lasts. Designed to stimulate physically, challenge mentally, and entertain endlessly! Enjoy watching your bird perch, chew, play, and hide among these quality toys. He'll ...
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Super Bird Creations Flying Trapeze Platform Swing Bird Toy

As low as $10.99
Hanging activity center featuring a woven seagrass mat for pet birds Provides pet birds a fun elevated place to swing, chew, climb, & more Comfortable footing accommodates multiple birds or birds with perching difficulties Elevated, hanging activity center appeals to your pet bird's love of height and play. Super Bird Creations Flying Trapeze Platform Swing Bird Toy is a unique, ...
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Hunky Bird Toys

As low as $19.99
Chunky, chewable toy pieces dish out long-lasting fun to please even pugnacious parrots. Hunky Bird Toys keep bird beaks busy with a chewing challenge of varied textures. A colorful mix of wood blocks, plastic gears and beads PLUS a large paper core bagel delight heavy chewers with rewarding activity. Keep your inquisitive bird mentally and physically fit with exciting Hunky ...
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